As a toddler Joe played with the boxes, not the toys.  He enjoyed melting his crayons more than "coloring in the lines."  While convalescing from a bicycle accident at age fourteen, Joe began experimenting with oil paints.  This resulted in one-man shows and growing sales during his high school years.  He attended Wayne State University, and graduated with an outstanding portfolio, Bachelorís, and Master's degrees.  For the next 15 years, Joe taught artógrades K-12, WSU seniors, and adult education programs. 

At age twenty-five, Joe responded to Godís call.  He attended a ministerial institute, and seminary, and graduated with a PHD.  Today he thoroughly enjoys ministering to youth and home-school families.  He is also a graphic designer for several ministries around the world.  His works are published in the US, Africa, Central and South America, China, and other Far East countries.

Cilluffo's latest fine art works combine photography, ink, watercolor, acrylics, pastels, colored pencil, and computer imaging.  The nature of each medium maximizes the unique visual and textural qualities of his subjects.  He is well known for his historic scenes of Michigan lighthouses, freighters, and Mackinac Island.  His realistic renderings and his newer impressionistic interpretations capture the experiential essence of these scenic locations.  Art jurors continue to select his works for outstanding awards and ribbons.

Joeís pottery is mostly low-fire wares.  He employs the earthy and historical methods of Raku, and Terra Sigilatta.  He especially welcomes students of all ages to his studio for workshops, and discovery adventures with clay.